By subscribing to this services, Muslim organizations and their donors can work to support the goal of improving communication.

Subscription Procedure for Private Individuals

To protect your privacy, you are not required to provide any personal information to subscribe. You will only be asked to provide your email address, city, province/state and Country of residence to subscribe. You will be asked to provide a private password so you can update and maintain your profile.

To begin creating your profile, pleaseĀ click here.

Subscription Procedure for Muslim Organizations

Before using this service, Muslim organizations must create an online profile with at least one contact person who will serve as profile administrator. Before the profile becomes active, the government charity registration number must be validated by Muslimnet.Info via the Canada Revenue Agency public databases. Once validated, the profile becomes active and you may begin using the service.

To begin creating a Muslim organizational profile, pleaseĀ click here.

Tax Receipts made simple

MuslimNet.Info makes issuing tax receipts a breeze. Donors are sent SMS messages and emails with instructions on how to collect their receipts.

Donors receive their own log-in information so they can easily keep track of their donations and print their receipts anytime.

How It Works

Centralization of Tasks

  • Adminstration of membership lists
  • Donation processing including receipt generation and emailing of PDF donation receipts
  • Financial Reporting by Project

More features will be added on an on-going basis.